Greetings From SNDK Corp!!!!!

We are looking for our team…

Position: Linux Network Admin

Experience:  5+ Years

Required Skills:

  • Excellent command of  Linux operating systems
  • Command-line working experience on Ubuntu and CentOS
  • Configuration of servers like Apache, PostgreSQL, Samba, FTP, NFS, Nginx, SMTP, etc..
  • Basic knowledge of Database management like Create, delete and backup & restore the database in MySQL/MariaDB
  • Good understanding of basic networking, NAT, Port Forwarding, OpenVPN
  • Configuration of Linux iptables and UFW
  • Good command over UTM Firewalls like PfSense
  • Good knowledge of cronjobs and troubleshooting using logs
  • knowledge of Linux-based network monitoring system like Cacti, Nagios
  • Email server management (Zimbra) and basic knowledge of email routing.

If you are looking for the above challenging job profile please do let me know with appropriate time to contact.

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