At SNDK CORP. we help enterprises to manage the flow of finances and examine accounting and financial records that are undertaken independently.

With SNDK Accounting and Auditing services, Analyze and monitor every aspect of your crucial financial activities.

Keeping your financial records in place will serve you well when it’s time to pay your taxes, file your returns and claim deductions. While accounting deals with the tracking and recording of financial transactions auditing fulfills the role of verifying the accuracy of the accounts. Auditing in many ways determines the integrity of the whole accounting system of a company. This will add reliability for your financial accuracy. This makes it possible for you to track your own performance and also make peer to peer comparisons.

SNDK provides genuinely excellent quality yet cost-effective service and financial plans to firms who would like to re-evaluate their accounts preparation and finances. We ensure compliance with accounting, auditing and attestation standards and regulations.

Our Service Includes:


Bookkeeping Services are focused at decreasing the money and accounting expenses of our customers by assisting them with their administration, accounting and tax preparation needs. An assigned team of experts will screen, investigate and assist you with daily transactions in a consistent way, to ensure and guarantee that you have timely, accurate data at your fingertips when you are making business decisions. This will save you from the pain of going through the huge financial information.


We provide you a comprehensive team of assigned specialists focuses on streamlining processes, reducing expenses, and guaranteeing that our customers get most profitable results from region specific knowledge. Our taxation services are built on demonstrated greatness in conveyance and strong skill. The services we give you incorporates arrangement of GST and PAYG, Tax Planning, finish of Year End Accounting and Preparation of Tax Returns for all Companies, Trusts, Partnerships and Individuals.

Management Reporting

We prepare statements, reports and detailed analysis of the performance of your organization reducing your workload of managing the reports. Let us help you in evaluating and accessing the monetary reports of your overall profit and business.

Pay Roll

SNDK focuses on removing the pressure of Pay Roll from our customers. As we know Pay Roll Management can be truly challenging to keep steady over, with tax rates changing each year with the intricacies of entitlements, leave accruals, superannuation and long service leave, making things significantly harder.


Our attestation services helps in assisting associations with figuring out how to characterize, capture, and report both financial and non-financial indicators. Moreover, we provide Statutory, Compliance, tax audit reports and independent assurance on the validity of information, service or activity that is the obligation of an associations’ administration.

Business Support Services

SNDK brings a wide range of experience in the provision of business support services to an enormous number of different customers giving the most significant level of accounting and business support services. We help in the management of different issues, checking it’s compliance with the law and business hazards that anticipate the client.

Account Receivable Services

Our accounts receivable re-evaluating services enable our clients to expand their control on every account with consistent follow-up on outstanding invoices, and extensive reporting on account activity, our Accounts Receivable Services facilitate quicker payments and improved cash flow effortlessly dealing with key finance functions that impact income, and are essential for maintaining a strong and vibrant business.

Account Payable Services

The Accounts Payable Outsourcing Services by SNDK give you the advantages of innovation and skilled staff without putting resources into these or purchasing and keeping up with costly programming. We provide industry best practices leading to decreased disparities and more noteworthy monetary control which at long last converts into more profitability. We are focused at transforming our customer’s entire payment activity by adequately mechanizing the cycles of documents management, transaction management, exception resolution, elimination of duplication and disbursement-related services.



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It is requested by Audit committee or the Company's; shareholders. The main objective of modern Audit is to help the MGMT to achieve its various objectives by bringing a systematic approaches and evaluating the risks.

The basic principles of financial internal control are explained below:Financial and accounting operations must be separated that is the handling of cash and the recording of the movement thereof should be done by different persons. Responsibility for the performance of the job must be clearly stated so that there may be no room for doubt or confusion subsequently. Too much confidence should not be pinned in one individual. Nearly all frauds have been committed by trusted officials or employees. It is interesting to note that frauds have occurred owing to their being trusted. Relation principle relating to transfer of an employee from one job to another should be the inflexible guiding rule. This is an effective safeguard against collusion and is recognized as an important canon of sound organization. Mechanization of the work wherever feasible and practicable should be resorted to, mechanical devices such as cash register, recording time clocks, calculation machines should be introduced. A system of control accounts should elegantly be fitted in the book keeping system. The work should be so arranged that work done by one employee should be properly checked by independent employee. Such continuous and constant checking goods moral control and the errors and the frauds cannot go undetected.

  • Hold an auditors meeting to discuss the closing meeting content.
  • Hold a closing meeting with all auditees involved with the audit. First, point out what was done well. Second, address the nonconformances and ensure the auditees understand the nonconformances and what part of the standard is not met.
  • Issue the audit report in a timely manner.
  • Encourage auditees to decide on the corrective actions. Allowing auditees to have input will give them ownership in implementing changes.
  • Assist those responsible for completing the corrective actions with setting reasonable deadlines. The corrective action deadlines may vary depending on the severity of the noncompliance.
  • Be available and willing to help the auditees.
  • Ask for feedback on how you and your audit team were perceived - adjust your approach if necessary.

Based on our experience working with UK accountants as a provider of outsourced accounting services, we find that accountants can expect to realise all the following benefits and more: improve team scalability, reduce recruitment cost, access trained and qualified accountants, minimise legislative stress, turnaround jobs faster, and get the time to focus on growing their practice.

We understand that each practice is different so we are pleased to offer three types of outsourcing service. Working on our secure server All documents are scanned into our secure FTP portal, collected and worked on by our team in India, and delivered on time back to the portal. Working remotely Using secure virtual technology like VPN/RDP/Citrix/GoTomyPC, our team in India log into your system and complete the work. Working in the cloud This simply requires you to provide your India team the login details. If you still have working papers or any other supporting documents to pass on to your staff in India, use our secure FTP portal. For more information, you might want to check out QXAS’ secure data sharing page where we provide detailed information on the three ways you can work with us. If you need someone to walk you through the process, just get in touch with us and support staff can assist you.

We have a highly skilled team of accountants, chartered accountants, and financial experts from premier institutes who can help you with all your accounting needs.

SNDK can help you manage your invoice reconciliation process and your revenue tracking. We don’t send invoices to your clients on your behalf, but we can set you up to do electronic invoicing on your own.

Yes, SNDK can set you up with a cloud payroll system that connects with your accounting software. We’ll ensure the details from each pay run are accounted for in your financial records and reconciled against your bank statement.