Client Testimonials

What our clients’ sayings about us

We need a solution for communication with our Head Quarter at New Jersey via Video Conference without spending big bucks. SNDK Corp has configured SIP-based video conference on Amazon AWS which can communicate with most of the video conference devices like LifeSize and Polycom. The solution saved our money by only paying as per usage. Expert team and having support 24/7.

Jesal. PDeep Canada LLC

We are having more than 110 computers with multiple site routers, switches, and firewall. We wanted to monitor our network flow and pinpoint heavy users and any unwanted device in the network. Conventional solutions were expensive and time-consuming. SNDK Corp has installed CaCti Weather Map which gave us the live flow of their network, bandwidth and network utilization of each device, which helped us to understand the network bog downs and flooding. Great experience with SNDK Corp.

Niyogi. PChetak Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

We are having more than 100 manufacturing machines but machinery maintenance was a major concern for us. SNDK Corp had installed various sensors on the machine and it’s connected to the central server Amazon AWS. The solution helped us to get live data and various parameters of machines. Great experience with SNDK Corp team.

Narendra. PDeepkiran Foods Pvt. Ltd.

We are a food distribution company with 9 different locations across the globe. They all are connected via VPN. But their configuration has complex and convoluted. SNDK Corp has hosted centralized routers CRV 1000 on Amazon AWS and configured DMVPN for each site to making communication and configuration easy. I am glad to connect with SNDK Corp.

Shalin. PChetak New York, USA

We are having PBX (Private Branch Exchange) on each site. PBX server and hardware maintenance cost were very high. SNDK Corp has installed a PBX system on cloud-based Amazon AWS server with SIP. The solution helped us to centralized phone system at the lowest cost. We are completely satisfied with SNDK Corp services and support.


We were constantly facing slow performing speed issue due to the high-end infrastructure required for our web-based communication tool. SNDK Corp has installed cloud-based Amazon EC2 with services like Lambda, API Gateway, CDN & Elastic search. Amazon EC2 resolved our most complex problem at the lowest cost and in minimum time. I will definitely recommend their services and support.


We had local Data Center in NJ and our ERP and other applications were running on those data centers 24×7 365 days were managed by our local support team. SNDK Corp has replaced existing server to Amazon AWS cloud server. Amazon AWS migration helped us saved our time and resources. Also saved our hardware cost for scaling up and down reducing our downtime and helped us redundancy backup.

Amit. ADeep Foods Inc, USA

SNDK Corp helped to create a Mobile App which was used to replace the paper trail of feedback collection consensus. Also, they helped to create analytics on top of the Application which was used by more than 48000 booths. Mobile Application hosted on AWS cloud server for better scalability and availability.

Bhargavbhai .BBhartiya Janta Party (BJP) - Gujarat