SNDK CORP is focused to perform the core KPO & RPO functions which will increase the company’s worth providing brilliant solution for your recruitment challenges.

We at SNDK helps you to resolve your recruitment challenges and get access to the best top talents of the industry.

SNDK Services helps organizations to track down the best specialists for you when you are looking for specialized knowledge and expertise while you have a shortage of talented experts on staff. As well as our service includes providing flexible RPO services that not only covers recruitment but end-to-end HR Process Management.

KPO allows companies to focus on their core abilities such as R&D, Banking Services, Consulting, and Marketing i.e. done by the workers of another company or allocated to the subsidiary of the same organization. where as an RPO provider can act as an extension of a company’s HR or Resourcing function, sitting on site with the client providing a holistic hiring solution.

Our KPO Services meet the crucial requirements of diverse industry segments such as:

Search and Analytics

Key data analytics services provided by KPO firms include client examination, production network examination and retail analysis.

Engineering Design

Engineering Services Outsourcing (ESO) involves the outsourcing of activities ranging from design to production and maintenance. Various modern areas that advantage from ESO incorporate automotive, aerospace, and construction/industrial machinery etc.

Banking, Securities and Insurance

Examination related exercises by the banking, securities and insurance sector fall under the preview of investment research. This examination includes monetary demonstrating, setting up the valuation of organizations, stock interaction following, point by point organization investigation and profiling, and more.

Market Research and Competitive Intelligence

High-end research related works handled by SNDK KPO Experts include industrial and customer surveys, client studies, information investigation through factual apparatuses, statistical tools and techniques, report and presentation preparation, and more.

Switching to RPO Services has following referenced benefits:

Scalable Recruiting Capacity.

RPO is incredible for organizations that are developing quickly, that might require additional assistance in scaling their recruiting capacity to meet growth.

Reduced recruiting cost.

RPO Services helps the organization from multiple expenses like cutting recruiting costs or filling positions faster. RPO Services really help a business come out better as a work environment.

Consistent Recruit- to- Hire Process

RPO Services help in standardizing the recruitment process, making it more efficient and effective in terms of time and cost.

Better Candidate Quality

A RPO arrangement can get into those characteristics while still looking for candidates who have the required experience and education.

Enhance Employment Brand

A RPO supplier can decrease enlisting costs by smoothing out your enrolling cycle and telling you the best way to discover better candidates and with less time and money.



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One of the main difficulties is to retain professionals in various fields. The other challenge KPOs face is the ever-growing competition. Even in small cities of India, you can easily find a number of KPOs running and giving job opportunities to local students. Countries such as Israel, China, Ireland and Russia are stepping in the KPO business. Thus, making it hard to get a good client. KPO needs to be one step ahead of its competition, so they need all the latest technology and infrastructure.

KPO: These are knowledge process outsourcing which helps in outsourcing the critical functions of the business along with information related activities. In other words, you can say it is an extension of one of the business process outsourcing models.

BPO: When companies go out for contracting function, segments and other processes of its business to a third-party provider, that's when you call it BPO process. The two main parts of BPO are front office outsourcing and back-office outsourcing. The operations are already proven and predetermined.

With years of experience in online services, we exclusively use the latest and most secure data encryption and internet security software, protecting your information with regular system checks and updates.

RPO will see a combination of dedicated experts, technology, best practice processes and analytics embed within your organisation as an extension of your own function. They’ll align with your hiring managers, and work with you to forecast future demand, optimise sourcing, assessment and onboarding. Leveraging automated and optimised tools and processes, alongside deep expertise, market insight and actionable analytics, they’ll support you to really transform how your business access the skills you need. Making sure you and your business are always at the cutting edge of recruitment. An RPO may also offer offshoring options to help you reduce your costs and provide you with complete flexibility and scalability to better meet peaks and troughs in demand without additional headcount, all whilst reducing time to hire, improving retention and quality of hire, for better ROI.

Outsourcing your recruitment offers many benefits, including: scalability, flexibility, cost savings, improved access to the skills you need, optimised processes to improve hiring manager and candidate experience and reduce time to hire, talent pools to build your future talent pipeline and increased retention.

Where recruitment and staffing agencies focus on sourcing candidates, RPO providers design and deliver across the full recruitment process. From workforce planning right through to onboarding and retention, an RPO will work as a direct extension to your existing in-house recruitment team.