Greetings From SNDK Corp!!!!!

We are looking for Embedded Hardware  Engineer for our team…

Position: Embedded Hardware  Engineer

Experience:3+ Years

Job timings: 12:00pm to 9:00pm

Job Roles:
Embedded Hardware Design, prototype and verify systems for various embedded applications of complex design
Develop and maintain firmware for embedded platforms

  • Develop hardware and software specifications
  • Participate in code and design reviews
  • Hardware circuit optimization for reliability improvement
  • Review all the schematics, component routing and placements
  • Develop tools and techniques for testing and verification


  • Must have experience in wireless devices ESP32 and esp8266 WIFI Module
  • Must have experience in IDE like ESP-IDF, Keil, Arduino,.
  • Must have experience in atleast one PCB design software Altium, Protel or Eagle.
  • Experience in wireless devices like BLE, ZIGBEE, LORAWAN.
  • Experience in MQTT and HTTPS protocols
  • Experience in Memory ICs, Amplifier, ADC, DAC, DC-DC converter, Etc,.
  • Experience in working with MODBUS RS485 and 4-20mA industrial statndard
  • Experience in processor selection, various communication protocols (especially SPI / I2C / UART / RS485, Ethernet)
  • Experience on 8/ 16/ 32 bit micro controllers
  • Extensive experience in micro-controller (TI, ARM Cortex M, STM32, Atmel Series, Microchip PIC18 series etc.), communication protocol,
  • Proficient in Embedded software development using Embedded C in RTOS environment (TheadX, FreeRTOS etc)
  • Experience in using DSO

If you are looking for the above challenging job profile please do let me know with an appropriate time to contact you.

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