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Top 5 Future Cloud Computing Trends in 2021

About Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is the conveyance of several computing services which includes server, storage, data-bases, software, analytics, and many more over the internet to offer brisk innovation and safer sharing of resources. It aims to allow the user to take benefits of all the technologies without having any deeper knowledge about them.

Importance of Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is the exuberant technological innovation of the 21st century that has seen rapid adoption into the mainstream of the technology domain. The importance of Cloud Computing is mentioned below:

Benefits of Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing has made our lives easy. Everything today runs on cloud computing and the continuity of the internet is difficult without it.

The benefits of cloud computing are:

The effect of the noble COVID-19 disease will loiter in 2021. But technology will make the work easier and help us fight through the troubled times. Here are the cloud computing trends for 2021 that has gained all the hype and attention:

1.     Integration of Artificial Intelligence in cloud computing

          Cloud computing and artificial intelligence mingle perfectly. The Artificial Intelligence cognitive capabilities are being used to procreate larger software suites to provide everyone greater functionality to end-users.

2.    Gaming on Cloud

           Cloud gaming is mostly referred to as the “Netflix for Games.” Video games are run on remote servers, while also streaming them straight to a user’s device.

3.    Multi-cloud and Hybrid cloud adoption

       Multi-cloud blends on different clouds of identical types, whereas, Hybrid cloud infrastructure blends on two or more unlike types of clouds. This multi-cloud and hybrid cloud adoption are important because it provides a various combination of security and saves time and expenses at the same time.

4.    Virtual Cloud Desktops

            The virtual cloud desktop delivers a virtual desktop to an endpoint of the device from the data center located in the cloud. The operating system of the virtual cloud desktop is data-centric.

5.     Cloud Computing and IoT

           Internet of Things (IoT) is a great invention itself, combining IoT with cloud computing is an authentic innovation as it will bring forth many visualization platforms, analytical tools, and many more.

Real-World Applications of Cloud Computing

The Cloud Service Provider (CSP) has laid out many types of cloud services, that have almost arrived at every sector. A lot of properties of the cloud have made it a vital component in many fields of the industry. Some of the real-world applications of cloud computing are mentioned below:


Cloud Computing has grabbed great attention in the tech industry and is going to put a profound impact worldwide. The motto of cloud computing is to decrease the cost and focus on your core business instead of getting troubled with IT obstacles.

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