The Innovative Foundation Models of AWS Bedrock And How To Use Them

AWS Bedrock doesn’t have a single kind of architecture. The software can be used for various functionalities to create and run innovate Generative AI applications. The different technological architectures of AWS Bedrock work as the base of the app developed. There are heterogynous models that you can choose from, based on the specific use case and nature of the app you wish to develop.

The different foundation models of Amazon Bedrock

Want to create a futuristic Generative AI application?

Let’s have a look at the different models first-


Here’s a highly interactive and intricate AWS Bedrock model, Claude! Anthropic came up with Claude, an ultra-modern large language model running on Constitutional AI and harmlessness training. The foundation model effortlessly generates human-like dialogue, content creation, complex reasoning and more. AWS Anthropic Claude empowers your app with a 200k token context window, intelligence, vision, speed and frontier AI safety.


  •          Customer service applications
  •          Business operation application
  •          Legal application
  •          Insurance application
  •          Coding

Command & Embed

AWS Bedrock has another language model built by Cohere, Command & Embed! It is a text generation model specific to business use. It is extensively used to create multi-lingual enterprise generative AI applications. The foundation model has advanced benefits such as 128k token context window, multi-lingual performance, optimum tool usage, and more.


  •          Virtual investment research assistance
  •          Tech support
  •          Virtual executive AI
  •          Business summarization
  •          Resource & staffing AI support


Meta, the multi-national conglomerate has also come up with a highly powerful and versatile open-source large-language model, Llama. It gives text results with just random word input. With this foundation model you can conduct training with 20 languages widely spoken by the users and get multi-lingual results across those languages. There is no specific use-case for this Amazon Bedrock model, but it is widely used to create, scale and run apps targeting developers, researchers, experiments,


There’s one more member in the Amazon Bedrock foundation model, AI21 Labs’ Jurassic model. Whether its question answering, text generation, summarizing and search, it can get you results from over a thousand live running applications. AWS Jurassic model is known for cross-industry use-casing, model size change and dedicated support.

Use cases

  •          Financial applications
  •          Retail
  •          Customer support
  •          Knowledge support

Mistral AI

Even the French are a part of the Bedrock model community. Mistral AI also developed a foundation model for Amazon Bedrock. It runs on advanced machine learning techniques, crafted to comprehend, generate and interact with users’ human language. The model was launched to perform natural language processing tasks such as text generation, text classification, translation, summarization, and more efficiently and articulately.

Use cases

  •  Text summarization
  • Structuration
  •  Question and answer
  • Code completing

Stable Diffusion

Amazon Bedrock’s increasing usage even led Stability AI to create a foundation model. Stable Diffusion XL is considered as the best model to rely on for photorealism. Just from simple txt input it gets you high-quality image results from all virtual art styles accurately. It offers advanced application architecture, cinematic photo-reality and more.

Use cases

  •          Advertising & Marketing
  •          Entertainment & Gaming
  •          Media
  •          Metaverse


Here’s Amazon’s very own king foundation model, Amazon Titan. Titan is like a power-package for generative Ai applications, it has a combination of the functionalities of the other foundation models. Whether it’s text generation, summarization or even image generation, Titan does it all!! The model is known for its versatility, relevant search, easy customization and more. Unlike the other models, Titan provides you greater control and customization possibilities.

Use cases

  •          Text generation
  •          Summarization
  •          Semantic search
  •          Image generation
  •          Retrieval augmented generation


Well Amazon Bedrock is by far the greatest solution to creating and running cutting-edge & futuristic generative AI applications, so none of these models will turn out to be a thumb down on your app development journey. Whichever model you choose for your app, make sure to keep in mind the user experience that you wish to provide and the nature of the app so that featuring can be matched to make the right choice.

Titan- Our Star Model

Our AWS experts developed an innovative Generative AI application built on Amazon Titan, DocChat! It is a server less architecture running with AWS that understands and summarizes PDFs articulately. Amazon Titan streamlined our document management processes and enhanced our overall operational efficiency. The model enabled us to interact and extract information from PDF documents efficiently and rapidly. It is highly user-friendly even for non-technical personnel with negligeable management requirement. The best part is the accuracy and relevance of the results matching to the context to the query.