AWS DataSync Update – Support for Amazon FSx for Windows File Server

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides cloud computing platforms to enterprises and individuals. It offers secure cloud services, database storage, delivery and other functionality and features. This helps businesses to grow and scale-up. Applications related to Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Databases, Networking, etc can be integrated easily and cost effectively into the services. A Data Transfer Service which automates moving products and services into the cloud, cost effectively and reliably. Windows-based applications can be moved natively to a Windows File Server which can reduce workload and enhanced scalability.

AWS DataSync

What is AWS DataSync?

AWS DataSync is a feature which assists fast and simple migration and transfers of huge chunks of data online to and from AWS. It has the capability to transfer hundreds and thousands of terabytes of files at speeds approximately 10 times faster than the open-source tools via AWS Direct Connect Links or via Internet. Some other on-premises storage includes Amazon EFS, Amazon S3, Amazon FSx, etc. This feature eliminates some of the manual unautomated tasks which can reduce the speed of data transfers and overload the other IT technical operations. DataSync automates these manual tasks which inculcate data validation, scripting copy jobs, monitoring transfers and scheduling, network utilization optimization, etc. How does it actually work and manage these tasks? The DataSync Software Agent exempts us from modifying the applications by connecting with Server Message Block (SMB) Storage and Network File System (NFS). Here are some steps to get started with DataSync:

  • Deploy the DataSync Agent.
  • Connect the agent with the corresponding file system you are working on.
  • Select the AWS Storage Resources and start the process of data migration and transfer.

The merits achieved through the implementation of AWS DataSync is as follows:

  • Data transfer speed is extremely fast and rapid using multi-threaded architecture.
  • The process of data transfer and management along with the infrastructure and security is made easy and automated.
  • Transfer of data is cost-effective to a great extent.

AWS DataSync

Amazon FSx for Windows File Server

Amazon FSx

Amazon FSx for Windows File Server offers a fully managed and developed Microsoft Windows File System. This ensures migration of Windows-based applications requiring shared file storage to Amazon Web Services. Amazon FSx is developed and built on Windows Server and provide the compatibility, features and services needed by Microsoft Applications. Some of these features and services include Windows NTFS, Microsoft Active Directory Integration and SMB Protocol Support. Amazon FSx makes use of SSD Storage which ensures fast performance with low or less inactivity. It is compatible, reliable and scalable enough to be able to handle business-critical workloads like media workflows, home directories and business applications. The costs of general-purpose file sharing are deducted to a great extent with the optimization of TCO with Data Deduplication.

The benefits offered and experienced are listed below:

  • Extremely fast efficient performance with maximum throughput.
  • Support and Compatibility with Native File System.
  • SMB Protocol helps in broadly accessing several other services like AWS VMware Cloud, Amazon Workspaces, etc.
  • Secure and Cost-Effective.

AWS DataSync Update – Support for Amazon FSx for Windows File Server

The new or updated AWS DataSync initiates even more automated and accelerated data transfer. It is in use and practice by many SNDK Corp customers for purposes like archiving, uploading and processing, large-scale migration, backup use-cases, etc. AWS DataSync ensures movement of huge amount of data at extremely fast rates. On the other hand, Amazon FSx provides a network file storage compatible with the Windows Environment. Some wide variety of features are SQL Server Support, Native Multi AZ File Systems, Data Deduplication, etc. Basically, it provides an environment to customers for shifting their Windows workloads to the AWS Cloud. Customers can experience high performance and throughput.

Windows File Server

The DataSync Agent is deployed into our cloud based on-premises in the form of Virtual Machine in order to access the file system through SMB or NFS. This is possible using a data transfer protocol which is highly optimized, robust and used by the agent. DataSync can be implemented as a one-time migration or on an incremental periodic basis.

Some of the updates and changes recently incorporated into AWS DataSync as per SNDK Corp are:

  • Price Reduction: Data Transfer Cost has been reduced by 68%.
  • Support for File Transfer: EFS File System have obtained file transfer support.
  • SMB File Share Support: SMB File Sharing has availed support for file transfer.
  • Filtered Data Transfers: File Path and Object Key Filters control the data transfer operation.
  • Task Scheduling: Data Transfer tasks can be scheduled using AWS Command Line Interface.


From the above discussion on AWS DataSync Update, we came to know about AWS DataSync and Amazon FSx for Windows File Server. AWS has expanded it services and functionalities so that data can be moved to cloud with reduces costs and extra support protocols. It proves efficient with high maximized throughput.