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Our IoT based solutions enable the organizations to transform their business needs through innovative IoT based solution to stay ahead in a highly competitive environment. We provide IoT solutions on Smart home automation, Industrial IoT (IIoT), Smart Farming and Smart Cities.

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IIoT and IoT (Internet Of Things) & IIoT Consultant

Transform your Industry with IIoT Solution for Pharma & IIoT Solution for Manufacturing

Progressive organizations, in today’s world, are aiming to enter new markets, create unique business models, design, and develop new products and drive customer experiences with IoT. SNDK Corp’s Internet of Things service enables companies to transform business needs into competitive differentiators by delivering innovative IoT powered solutions. We also serve with home and office automation service as your IIoT Consultant and Ignition partner India.

SNDK Corp: Ignition Partner India

SNKD’s expertise from cloud and enterprise applications enables it to devise and execute end-to-end secure commercial-ready IoT solutions at a larger scale. From assimilating the right sensors and deriving actionable insights to choosing the best-fit platform, SNDK Corp IIoT developer offers comprehensive IoT services to its clients.

By integrating the best of resources, ensuring responsibility, and bringing a complete, end-to-end IoT service, SNDK Corp helps you reach the market faster and deliver Internet of Things solutions that give desirable outcomes and exceeds your expectations. You can, therefore, transform your industry with IIoT Solution for pharma and IIoT Solution for Manufacturing by choosing SNDK Corp as your IIoT Consultant and Ignition Partner India.


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Integrator Partner

SNDK Corp is an Ignition Partner India. Ignition is unlimited, so for the low cost of one server license, you can seamlessly connect all your data, design any industrial application with ease, and instantly web-deploy unlimited industrial and mobile clients to anyone, anywhere — all from one universal platform for industrial automation.

SNDK Corp’s IIoT and IoT Solutions for Home and Office Automation & Industries

1) Smart Home and Office Automation:

We design and develop IoT solutions and hardware for Smart Home and office automation requirements. Internet of Things technology can help to manage all appliances, home/office security and monitoring, easy installation, timer/scheduler, real-time updates, live streaming, and voice commands via the mobile app. Our IIoT developer team help you experience the best automation opulence.

2) IIoT Solution for Manufacturing Industries:

SNDK Corp is helping industries for vertical and horizontal integration to drive a new level of profitability by connecting their machines for predictive maintenance and monitoring using as well as various sensors like temperature, motor vibration, humidity, ph., pressure, air quality, etc. on top of BI/ML/AI Tools.

3) Smart Farming IoT:

SNDK Corp develops various IoT based solutions for smart farming and agriculture. IoT technology can help farmers for smart irrigation, moisture monitoring, remote monitoring quality of soil and many more.

4) Smart Cities IoT:

We develop Lorawan based solutions for smart city management which includes infrastructure, smart energy, smart lights, and power waste management.


What does IIoT mean?

IIoT stands for the Industrial Internet of Things and it refers to the Internet of Things (IoT) in industrial sectors and applications. It consists of interconnected sensors, instruments, and other devices, networked together with industrial applications such as energy management and manufacturing.

What is the difference between IIoT and IoT?

Both the concepts revolve around the same criteria of availability, intelligent and connected devices. But the general usage of these two sets them apart. IoT is most commonly used for consumer usage while IIoT is used for the industrial purpose.

What are the IoT solutions offered by SNDK?

SNDK Corp is offering a lot of IoT solutions for its clients. It includes Smart Homes, Office Automation, Industrial IoT (IIoT), Smart Farming IoT, and Smart Cities IoT. We integrate the best resources which ensure responsibility and bring a complete end-to-end IoT service that exceeds your expectations

Is IoT the future?

With the industrial revolution Industry 4.0, IoT devices are becoming a part of the mainstream electronics culture. People are quickly adopting smart devices into their homes. They are highly beneficial as the more data the IoT devices collect, the smarter they become.

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