Explore AWS WorkSpace: Benefits, Use Cases & Industry Example

AWS WorkSpaces or Amazon WorkSpaces is a secure solution that not just eliminates the complexity of installations but allows users to access applications, documents and resources from any supportive device. AWS WorkSpace is classified as a desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) solution through which users can access their virtual desktop from various devices and web browsers.


What is AWS WorkSpace?

AWS WorkSpace is a stable cloud desktop service that is managed and secured. It serves as a substitute for the conventional desktop. It is a package of an operating system, computing resources, storage space and software applications that allow the user to perform everyday tasks just like using a regular desktop. By using the free Amazon WorkSpace client application, users can link to WorkSpace from any supported devices like Mac computers, iPads, tablets or through Chrome or Firefox web browsers (AWS).

AWS WorkSpace



Each workspace is associated with a Virtual Private Network (VPC) and has a directory to store and manage information for your workspace and users. All directories are handled by AWS Directory Service that offers various options for authentication. The user login information is sent to an authentication gateway that forwards the traffic to the directory. Streaming traffic is triggered through the streaming gateway after the user is authenticated.

Every workspace has two connected, elastic network interfaces, a management interface (eth0) and the main network interface (eth1). The main network interface from the same subnets used by the directory has an IP address supplied by your VPC. Through this, traffic can quickly enter the directory from the workspace. Security groups allocated to the primary network interface control the access to resources in the VPC. SNDK Corp, your AWS consulting partner knows in and out about the usage, architecture and working of AWS WorkSpace. They will help you understand the same and use the solution in your favour to cater to the dynamic needs your business has.

architecture and working of AWS WorkSpace



Top 3 Benefits of AWS WorkSpace

Here we disclose the top three benefits of using Amazon WorkSpace for your organization.

1.    Reduced costs

For improved customer satisfaction, Amazon WorkSpace eliminates the need to over-buy desktop and related resources by offering on-demand access. You pay monthly or hourly only for the WorkSpace you launch. Compared to convention desktops and other VDI solutions, this system helps you save money.

2.    Improved security

The Amazon Virtual Private Network (VPC) is deployed within Amazon WorkSpaces that provides permanent access to encrypted AWS storage volumes for each customer. On the local network, no user data is processed. This not just enhances the user data projection but also decreases the total surface area of risk.

3.    Customise the hardware and software you require

A variety of packages including different quantities of CPU, memory and storage to suit your needs is offered by AWS WorkSpaces. AWS also provides pre-installed operating systems or programs that provide you with a secure way to package, deploy and update your organization’s desktop applications (WordPress).

SNDK Corp recognizes the multiple benefits and features AWS WorkSpaces brings to your organisation and can help you easily use all of the above to display productivity and efficiency. The cloud experts at SNDK Corp are well equipped at assessing, delivering and executing the best AWS solutions.


Top 4 Use Cases of AWS WorkSpace

Let’s explore the top four use cases of Amazon WorkSpace. These use cases shall help you understand the importance of the same.

1)   Mobile device access

Amazon WorkSpaces provide the users with access to their desktops when they need it and on the devices of their choice. Users can access their desktop via mobile devices such as iPads, Kindles and tablets.

2)   Remote employees

For employees working from home or remotely, Amazon WorkSpaces provides access to the applications required by the users by delivering a cloud desktop. Along with this, your corporate data is secured and protected as it is not stored locally.

3)   Developers

You can supply developers with Amazon WorkSpaces and install the applications they need for the development and creation of applications your business requires. The source code is not available on the computers of developers, helping you protect your intellectual property.

4)   Secure workspace

AWS WorkSpaces will help you meet strict compliance criteria and provide a controlled desktops set-up to the users in situations where you cannot monitor physical access to desktops.


Industry Example of AWS WorkSpace

GrubHub is an online and mobile food delivery website worth a billion dollars. It has the largest and most robust network of restaurant partners in the US. GrubHub leveraged Amazon WorkSpaces to guarantee business continuity and support the wellbeing of their workers by switching all departments into a ‘work from home’ model. This was done as GrubHub is an integral company to support local restaurants and ensure the safety of their employees. AWS WorkSpace could easily accommodate their customer communications and messaging network allowing maximum productivity in the work from home model. GrubHub would be retaining high-quality customer service levels while having the capacity to scale up or down as per the needs of the customers.

Industry Example of AWS WorkSpace



AWS WorkSpaces is effective as well as an efficient solution that helps businesses to be on the top of their game in all kinds of situations. Irrespective of the industry, SNDK Corp can help you access and estimate your organisation’s cloud infrastructure, helping you customise the various AWS solutions your business requires.