AWS Lambda Function
By: Rachna Sheth Feb 8, 2020

The Amazon Web Services Lambda is a cloud service which responds to all the actions within your application, it inspects all the actions taken in your application and responds by

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By: Rachna Sheth Jan 28, 2020

Cloud computing is rooted back in the 1060s when it occurred as a thought to American scientist J.C.R Licklider. Since 1960, cloud technology has grown immensely and has been launched

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amazon ec2
By: Rachna Sheth Sep 13, 2019

AWS EC2 (Elastic Cloud Compute) is a web service

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AWS Lambda logo
By: Rachna Sheth Sep 5, 2019

Serverless Architecture is a way to develop and run applications

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Benefits of Cloud Disaster Recovery Plan
By: Rachna Sheth Jul 16, 2019

Data has become an integral part of the companies. It is necessary to keep

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Cloud Migration
By: Rachna Sheth Jul 9, 2019

The world is transforming at a pace faster than ever and so is cloud

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cloud computing
By: Brijesh May 13, 2019

Cloud Computing is on-demand, scalable and economical delivery of

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