Facts, Features & UseCAse for Amazon FSx: Easy, Scalable, Robust & Secured file storage
By: Rachna Sheth Sep 18, 2020

The Internet has connected the whole world and we live in a global village now. We have connected seamlessly to millions of people across the world with access to unimaginable

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AWS IoT Sitewise: Managed data services for industries equipment at scale
By: Rachna Sheth Sep 11, 2020

We are in a huge, dynamic space of various needs, opportunities and requirements. This arrangement seems tricky and can affect not just your effectiveness but efficiency too. To make life

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Amazon App Stream 2.0 by SNDK Corp
By: Rachna Sheth Sep 4, 2020

In today’s businesses, remote access to various software and services has become a crucial aspect. Enterprises are looking for services that provide their desktop access from anywhere.  AWS has come

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Amazon IVS
By: Rachna Sheth Aug 26, 2020

The whole world is online now, be it for learning or gaming or marketing. So, to make your time over the internet ever more interactive and worthwhile, content creators around

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AWS Pinpoint
By: Rachna Sheth Aug 21, 2020

Nowadays, it has become an important task for marketers to understand their customers deeply. They also need to engage with their customers through the channels of their choice. AWS Pinpoint

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FreePBX System On Cloud
By: Rachna Sheth Aug 17, 2020

Requirement For a Business growing with ‘n’ no of warehouses, Restaurants, Offices setup in multilocation like Melbourne, Colorado, Texas, and Canada, it is mission-critical to keep everyone connected through seamless

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AWS DynamoDB by SNDK Corp
By: Rachna Sheth Aug 11, 2020

AWS DynamoDB is a fast, flexible, NoSQL database service for all applications that need consistent latency, in milliseconds, at any scale. It is a fully-managed database service that takes care

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AWS Connect by SNDK Corp
By: Rachna Sheth Aug 4, 2020

The reason why customers contact your centre is to receive answers. Be it the introduction of a new feature or difficulty in the payment process, they contact you to get

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AWS Cognitio
By: Rachna Sheth Jul 30, 2020

On average, around 1250 apps are uploaded every day on Playstore. This adds up the pressure of becoming the best pick for your customers. Loss of user data can be

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By: Rachna Sheth Jul 17, 2020

The process of application building can be split into three parts. Writing the code, testing it, and seamlessly deploying it. But this theory is only limited to the papers. Manual

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