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ISVs: On-Premises to Cloud Computing

Transformation is a part of progress and it is necessary to keep up with the increasing competition in the market. Introducing your business to cloud computing will help you grow, attract more customers and reduce the cost of managing your customer’s software. On-premises software vendors build software in a model one business model which costs a lot on managing and gradually this cost increases every year. With the right cloud partner, you can focus on the core of your application and improve your client’s experience.

AWS Cloud Computing

The On-Premises ISVs

The on-premises software developers usually operate through a model one business model in which maintenance of your software costs you more than the price of your software. The on-premises ISVs need to upgrade to stay up in the market, cloud migration has a complex process for which most of the traditional ISVs aren’t prepared for.

Migrating to Cloud

Migrating to the cloud has several benefits, you are enabled to deliver cloud-based software solutions which will accelerate your software adoptions, reach wider markets and reduce your management costs. Transforming to the cloud is a challenge, but it is also necessary to be in competition, deliver the best solutions and to satisfy your customers.

Reasons to Migrate

#1.Lower your IT cost

The cloud-based infrastructure reduces your IT and management costs, allowing you to scale your data storage according to your client’s demand. You don’t need to depend on hardware due to the cloud environment, your customers can modify applications on their own helping you cut the costs for customer service.

#2.Wide market approach

Providing cloud-based software solutions will increase your product’s demand in the market, expand the range of your customers. Cloud helps you offer your services across the globe with a quarter of costs of traditional sales strategies.

#3.Advanced security

Cloud offers you advanced security services with improved data security centres, password management and VPN features. Your customers will not have to worry about the security of their data with advanced monitoring features provided by the cloud.

#4.Increases customer satisfaction

Your customers get access to accelerated new features and can use your product with utter ease without the need for any assistance. Cloud offers you and your customers the freedom to use your product from any device and from anyplace.

#5.Easy sales processes

Cloud gives you the freedom to pay only for what you need and pay only when you need with the fast implementation of changes you require; this increases the rate of adoption of your products as they become easily accessible through familiar web browsers.

#6.More time to innovate

The cloud platform gives you time to focus more on innovations as it has an infrastructure that upgrades according to your needs. You can develop and test your prototypes on the cloud without the need to spend more on new infrastructures.

Things to remember while Migrating

There are certain things you need to keep in mind while migrating to the cloud to avoid any mistakes. Never neglect scalability and elasticity, they are one of the major offerings by cloud. Your application should scale-out while migrating to spread over its load to multiple processors. when many users are working on your application it should allocate resources when needed and free them when not. Use your cloud services to the fullest, your application can make good use of the services provided by your platform. Not taking advantage of storage management, databases and user management services can be a huge loss for your application. It is not necessary to move all your applications to the cloud; this can become a problem for you as not all your applications can be easy to port.


ISVs need to upgrade to cloud computing in order to keep up with the market and cloud platform offers you plenty of benefits. The traditional ISVs cannot offer cloud-based software solutions which is one of their major drawbacks. Clients tend to look for simpler infrastructure to fulfil their needs, with underlying benefits of cloud computing. Choose a cloud partner which suits your application and needs better to provide your client’s best services.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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