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Making AWS FSx Easy: Interesting Facts, Features, Use Cases

Facts, Features & Use Cases for Amazon FSx: Easy, Scalable, Robust & Secured File Storage

The Internet has connected the whole world and we live in a global village now. We have connected seamlessly to millions of people across the world with access to unimaginable amounts of information a few seconds away. There is a vast ocean of information on the internet, accessible to everyone. We need to store the information and organize it to our requirements to make it easily accessible. Companies in various sectors have file systems to store huge loads of information.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the perfect solution to make file systems fast and efficient. With AWS FSx, we can cut down on the time spent on tedious administrative tasks. It is highly reliable and enables integration of wide spectrum of AWS services. Economical in nature, it permits the use of commercially licensed file systems with abundant feature sets and fast performance. It enables high-speed data transfer through the use of its compression and parallel transfer mechanism. It allows customers to control the amount of bandwidth used during data migration.

Amazon Web Services (AWS


Interesting Features of AWS FSx

AWS FSx offers a wide range of storage options, enabling you to optimize them and their performance for your workload options. It takes charge of operations like storage, packing, durability, availability and more. AWS is highly secure and compliant with all international safety regulations such as ISO, PCI-DSS, SOC and HIPAA. It ensures security by helping you access data through Amazon Virtual Private Cloud.

Migration of data into the AWS is made easy by the use of AWS Datasync. It is a fully managed data migration device that helps in the migration of data from the premises to Amazon FSx systems. AWS allows incremental, delta transfers allowing data migration to happen at any time.

Interesting Features of AWS FSx


There are two file systems to choose from in AWS systems based on the nature of requirement. Amazon FSx for Windows File Server is for business applications while Amazon FSx Lustre is for computer-intensive workloads. Amazon FSx for Windows File Server has many administrative features like date deduplication, end-user file restore and, Microsoft Active Directory (AD) integration. It has HDD storage option which offers the lowest cost storage for Windows applications with fully manages backups.

When creating shared file systems to compute workloads, we can choose between storage options offering different levels of performance. Amazon FSx for Lustre provides economical, high-performance storage for compute workloads. It offers shared storage with low latencies allowing multiple workloads to access data. It shares storage up to hundreds of gigabytes per second and millions of IOPS, making it the world’s most popular high – performance file systems.

Amazon FSx for Windows File Server


Use Cases

AWS FSx has improved the quality and performance of many companies and their file systems. Let us see the examples of three successful companies that have thrived since they started using AWS FSx systems.

1.     Infor

Infor used cloud-based storage system for their shared storage needs on AWS. It cut down costs by 50 % as it eliminated cost expenditure on the management of storage systems. It provided them storage for each of their applications independently with streamlined application maintenance.

2.    Cengage

Cengage is an online educational content platform which streams content for students. It was constantly running into optimization capacity, reliability and performance issues which affected their client’s experience. AWS migrated multiple TB’s of its files, with minimal modifications for Windows file server. It gave millions of students access to high-quality content without bandwidth constraints.

3.     Neiman Marcus

Neiman Marcus was experiencing slow performance with their business-critical file-based document processing application and needed a quick cloud migration solution. They moved their legacy windows business application to AWS. It solved their automation issues and also accommodated their automation needs.

SNDP Corp – Making AWS FSx Easy

AWS has various consulting partners globally and SNDK Corp is one of them. AWS tools help you allocate resources through API calls while increasing speed and performance of file systems. It has features like Elastic Load Balancing and auto-scaling which evolve your application to scale up based on demand.

SNDK Corp allows you to expand your business ventures without having to spend time on infrastructure. We can access your need and find ideal AWS solutions for you, courtesy our cloud experts.

SNDK Corp helps in easing your migration to AWS. You can build our own “software – as a– service” and “Platform – as a – service” on AWS systems with our services. We can assist you in adapting to AWS services and recommend new versions to improve efficiency and performance. We also supply reliable, scalable and secure platforms such as Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and Alibaba Cloud. You can customize AWS to suit various business environment needs with our help, making SNDK Corp one of the best AWS consultants.


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Data and information have revolutionized our lives in ways we never imagined. Information is the only currency that has an ever-growing value. The more efficient our storage systems are, the more powerful we become. The instant accessibility of properly compartmentalized data can boost your performance and Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the premier tool to get you there. Get the world in your hands with AWS and we will walk right next to you.


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Facts, Features & Use Cases for Amazon FSx: Easy, Scalable, Robust & Secured File Storage

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