AWS STORAGE GATEWAY Types UseCases & Industry Ex by SNDK Corp
By: Rachna Sheth Dec 4, 2020

Cloud migration is an outstanding trend and an amazing solution that helps companies in the relocation of their entire environment. In the many available options, AWS is a hybrid cloud

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The Complete Guide To AWS Elastic Kubernetes
By: Rachna Sheth Nov 13, 2020

AWS Elastic Kubernetes, also known as Amazon EKS is a managed service that makes the usage and working of Kubernetes easy. It lets you operate Kubernetes on AWS without downloading,

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Why Amazon VPC is the backbone of AWS Security? Explore Use Cases, Components and Features.
By: Rachna Sheth Oct 29, 2020

Security has become one of the prime concerns of the IT sector. You might be using some third-party tools to run your application and, thus, running into the risk of

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What Makes Untangle, NG & SD-WAN Differ From Mainstream Firewalls?
By: Rachna Sheth Oct 3, 2020

This is the generation of the internet. It is becoming one of the most widely used platforms for growing business. Small and medium scale businesses often ignore the aspect of

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What Differentiates Nextcloud From Its Competitors?
By: Rachna Sheth Sep 25, 2020

In recent years, cloud computing services have boomed into the market. All kinds of businesses are opting for file hosting services. The reason being an increase in collaboration between several

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5 Things to know about AWS CloudFront
By: Rachna Sheth Jul 8, 2020

  With the boom in resource availability through digital platforms, there are tons of websites and applications available for the same task. The prime concern then becomes, how to direct

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Top 20 Features of Untangle Next-Generation Firewall
By: Rachna Sheth Aug 14, 2019

With various kinds of network attacks happening every day

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