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AWS BEANSTALK: Cloud Computing made Easy

AWS Beanstalk is a cloud development tool based on the PaaS model, launched by Amazon Web Services. AWS Beanstalk allows you to deploy an application without provisioning its infrastructure, providing high availability. It is easy to use and you can use it for services developed with .NET, Java, Python, Ruby and a lot more. You simply need to upload your code and your AWS Beanstalk will handle the deployment, auto-scaling, load balancing; making it easy for you. Cloud computing could have never been easier without AWS Beanstalk.

AWS Beanstalk

Components of AWS Beanstalk

#1. Application and Application Version

The complete set of Beanstalk components with a balanced environment, version and configurations comprise the Beanstalk Application. The version is a specifically labelled iteration of deployable code for a web application. The application and version offered by Beanstalk are optimal for all the developers, as it has made cloud computing very easy.

#2. Environment

Environment refers to the current version deployed onto AWS resources. While creating an environment, Beanstalk provisions the resources needed to run the version specified by you. Each environment runs a single version at a time. However, you can run the same version or different versions in many environments at the same time.

#3. Environment Configuration and Configuration Template

Environment configuration identifies the set of parameters that define the behaviour of an environment and its resources. A configuration template is an initial step for creating unique environment configurations.

Beanstalk Architecture

  • Elastic Load Balancer

When the load increases on any of your application, then the load balancer comes into function and helps to decrease the load by using resources provided Beanstalk. It handles all the multiple requests from a client, Amazon Route53 forwards the multiple requests to the Elastic Load Balancer, which distributes these requests among EC2 instances of Auto Scaling Group.

  • Auto Scaling Group

Auto Scaling Group is most useful when there are multiple requests by the user. It automatically starts Amazon EC2 instances to accommodate these requests. When the load on your application decreases, Auto Scaling stops these instances and leaves only one instance running. The EC2 instance is a resource offered by Beanstalk which helps you deal with multiple requests by your users.

  • Host Manager

Host manager is a component of the software which runs on the instances that have been assigned to your application and is responsible for generating instance-level events, monitoring application log files and application server.

  • Security Groups

AWS Beanstalk provides you default Security Group which works as a firewall for your instances. It allows your clients to access your application through HTTP Port 80. It also provides you with an option to define security groups to your database server as well.

Benefits of AWS Beanstalk

Beanstalk has a list of benefits offered to you, making cloud computing easier for you. It is an offering by Amazon Web Services. These benefits make Beanstalk perfect for the new generation developers and support them in every way so they can easily focus on their code rather than being engaged in managing the resources.

#1. Quicker Deployment Services

Beanstalk has made deployment easier; developers don’t need to deal with the underlying infrastructure or resource configuration of an application. Beanstalk offers developers the fastest and easiest way to deploy their applications. Within minutes, your application is ready to use as once you upload your code Beanstalk handles the deployment and auto-scaling.

#2. Multi-Tenant Architecture Support

AWS Beanstalk enables your application to be shared with many users at different devices. It provides high scalability and security while others are using your application. It also provides a detailed report of your application usage and the users of your application. Multi-Tenant support helps you in multiplying the users of your application without creating any chaos.

#3. Simplified Operations

Beanstalk has made all its operations simple and easy so that you can focus on the code of your application rather than spending time on managing and configuring servers, firewalls, databases, and networks. Beanstalk does the provisioning, followed by operating the infrastructure and managing the application stack for you.

#4. Complete Resource Control

Beanstalk gives you access to all AWS resources; you have the freedom to choose from these resources optimal for your application. Beanstalk provides you with full control over AWS resources and gives you access all the time. With the AWS, resources you can give power to your application by fulfilling your users need.

Wrapping Up

AWS Beanstalk is an offering by Amazon Web Services, which is an easy to use service for scaling web applications. Once you upload your code, Beanstalk will handle the rest from deployment to load balancing, as well as auto-scaling of your application. You need not worry about meddling into the underlying infrastructure of your application. Beanstalk comes with full access to AWS resources which you can use at your convenience, powering your application.

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