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Building an application requires designing both the front-end and the back-end. And then comes the heavy-duty of streamlining the data flow between both the parts. Amazon Web Services has devised a powerful tool for handling the back-end of your application. Sounds interesting? SNDK Corp enables you to migrate your application to the AWS realm for you to benefit from the services provided by it.


AWS AppSync simplifies application development by letting you create a flexible API to securely access and combine data from the data sources of Amazon. In simple words, it acts as an adhesive joining the client-side of your application with the Amazon realm. SNDK Corp provides you with the solution to synchronize your front-end and back-end with AWS AppSync. It does the tedious job of creating the back-end for you. Therefore, you can focus on the User Interface and the Client-Side of your application while the datasets and the API’s will be managed by the AWS AppSync.

AWS Appsync

AppSync comes with tons of possibilities to explore. To standardize the structure of storing and managing the database, we use GraphQL. GraphQL schema layouts the format of data that we intend to create.


AppSync comes with a wide range of interesting advantages. SNDK Corp makes working with AWS AppSyc a lot simpler. Let us take a look at the benefits offered by AWS AppSync-

  1. Time:

    Half of the work regarding the back-end will be handled by AppSync which saves most of your time. You can easily focus on your website or app without worrying about the complex infrastructure behind it.

  2. Scalable:

    AppSync will scale itself according to the traffic and the number of people using it. No matter if it is a small scale application or a large scale e-commerce website, AppSync will do the work efficiently for you. It is also very fast to set up. You can easily build API with the go.

  3. Realtime applications:

    This is a huge advantage of using AppSync. Any change in the database is reflected across all the clients in realtime. This job can be cumbersome if you plan on coding the project yourself. Your application will inherit this splendid feature without putting extra effort into it.

  4. Offline Access:

    Another leverage for switching to AppSync. It syncs the app data so that all the requests and queries can be performed even when the device isn’t connected to the Internet. The changes will be reflected as soon as the device gets connected. AppSync will take care of the data conflicts.

  5. Unified Database:

    All your datasets will be under the roof of Amazon Web Services. AWS AppSync supports all the services provided by Amazon like Dynamo DB, Elasticsearch, Aurora serverless, Amazon Cognito, and any other Amazon Service that you would like to implement in your application.

  6. Security:

    Security is a major concern for your application. Amazon provides a trustable and reliable secure access to your database. You don’t need to create a security system before launching the application. AppSync also allows you to define your security system for your data using multiple concurrent authentication modes.


AWS AppSync finds its usage in every dimension of application building.

Data Broadcasting:

The realtime synchronization feature of AppSync is a boon for the developers. Applications can be developed that include real-time streaming or collaboration on a project. SNDK Corp Solutions help you to avail of this robust and flexible service of AWS.

AWS Appsync

Chat Applications:

Chat applications are another source where realtime features are used. You can build a chat application that will be accessible even offline.

AWS Appsync

Internet of Things:

You can now power the future of Living. IoT is one of the most trending technology now. You can create a realtime dashboard to control the devices connected to the network.


AWS AppSync isn’t a bed of roses. There are certain disadvantages of using this service-

  1. Learning- This disadvantage can be perceived in both ways. It can also serve as a boon for others. To use AppSync, one must have good command over other Amazon services such as Cognito, DynamoDB, Aurora Serverless, and Lambda. This might be a long process taking into account that learning GraphQL and AppSync also comes in this list. In case you are well versed with these services, you are good to go!
  2. Less Control- As everything is handled and resolved by AWS itself, debugging your code can give you nightmares. If you love coding for the back-end of your application, AppSync is not something you will be excited about.

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AWS Appsync

Covering the spectrum of AWS AppSync, we can conclude that it is a blessing for the developers. It equips you with the comfort of focusing on the application building without worrying about the complicated backend processes. It comes with the supplementary benefits of building extensible, secure, and offline real-time applications. Implementing such features can be a challenging task without AppSync.

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