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Amazon Interactive Video Service (IVS): The Next Big Thing

The whole world is online now, be it for learning or gaming or marketing. So, to make your time over the internet ever more interactive and worthwhile, content creators around the globe are turning to live video streaming services. This is where Amazon Interactive Video Service (IVS) steps in.

What is Amazon IVS?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has launched yet another cutting-edge technological gem- Amazon Interactive Video Service. This live streaming solution lets you configure and live stream videos via your website/mobile application for superior audience engagement.

Amazon IVS lets you engross your audience, no matter what the scale, in real-time with a video feed, virtual chat space, and more. It is loaded with distinctive features like ultra-low-latency live videos, for instance, that are advanced and secure. We at SNDK Corp help you avail benefits of this extremely useful and high-end service.

Customizing and enhancing viewer encounters through Amazon IVS player software development kit (SDK) and metadata APIs that are timed, allowing you to shape a more prized relation with your audience on your platforms. Moreover, the strenuous task of creating and managing the backend infrastructure is taken care of for you. This makes it perfect, as per SNDK Corp for creating and building extraordinary video experiences for your consumers.

Amazon IVS Top 5 Features

Amazon IVS has a lot of benefits to offer to the organizations that are willing to acquire its services. Though there are many elements that make it an apt choice, we shall discuss the top five Features of Amazon IVS with the blog.

1: Effortless live video stream set up in a jiffy

Amazon IVS eliminates the cost and complexity of setting up the live video streams. With the provided stream key, send your live video stream to the ingest point from an encoding software. A playback URL is generated. Use that URL with the IVS player SDK and that’s simply it. Your live stream is ready to be viewed across the global network by your valued audience.

2: Unique low-latency live streams with metadata APIs that are timed

Traditionally, the latency from ingest to playback was timed at around 25-30 seconds. With Amazon IVS you can expect this time to be as low as 2-3 seconds. You can build infographics, polling, and other coordinated constituents like live scores and/or e-commerce functionality for your website/application. A simple REST API injects this metadata into the stream and another event-based interface retrieves the metadata.

3: Augmented for optimal live video streaming

This brainy solution takes input, transcodes the data, and distributes it over a managed infrastructure. It picks the prime network paths from your location and the best endpoint to receive the input video stream. This enhances the quality of service while sending the video across the network. Within a few seconds, your live streams are delivered to the viewers via a special content pipeline.

4: Suited for different networks, devices, platforms, and browsers

IVS provides an unequalled quality of service which is achieved via the abled adaptive bitrate switching algorithm. It allows an array of bitrates and video resolutions. From Windows to macOS or Android platforms, Amazon IVS supports them all. Moreover, feel free to use any browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge).

5: No worries of the audience size

You are free to cover hundreds of events within an instant. Amazon IVS scales it up to distribute streams to millions of concomitant viewers spontaneously in seconds, at a pay-as-you-go pricing plan. SNDK Corp provides you attractive services for the same.

Use Cases of Amazon IVS

The following can be applications of Amazon Interactive Video Service as per SNDK Corp:

1: Enhanced audience engagement with virtual chat space

If you want your viewers to chat with you or amongst each other, Amazon IVS has the solution for it. It has an added social chat application that doesn’t interfere with your live content.

2: Revenue synchronization via e-commerce

Generating revenue through promotional elements via the timed metadata APIs of IVS is a breeze. So you can let your audience make purchases/donations, again, without any interruption with your live stream.

3: Real-time QnA sessions

If you wish to engage your audience through live questions and answers for a survey or their doubts, for example, then this is the thing for you.

4: Polling and votes

Additional features of real-time voting and polling applications created with timed metadata APIs. As discussed before, instant feedback from the audience lets you gauge their opinions.

Leading industry brands and companies like ViacomCBS, DeNA, etc. have already made their moves. A leading name in the global education sector, Blackboard advocates the eccentric features of Amazon IVS that allowed them to easily integrate it into their workflow, and thus, it helped their millions of users across the globe. With the assistance of SNDK Corp, you can utilize this service of AWS and up your game.

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Amazon Interactive Video Service is simple to incorporate into your workflow. It removes the stress of managing the underlying video infrastructure. Furthermore, Amazon IVS lets you utilize some unique and exclusive benefits (low-latency live streams, timed metadata APIs, etc.), thus offering an uncompromised and unparalleled quality of live streaming of your valuable content. Therefore, it is the best fit in facilitating your business to stand out from the rest.

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