AWS IoT Sitewise: Managed Data Services For Industries Equipment At Scale

We are in a huge, dynamic space of various needs, opportunities and requirements. This arrangement seems tricky and can affect not just your effectiveness but efficiency too. To make life easier, a one-stop solution for all management, collection and organization needs is the AWS IoT SiteWise. This is easy to use and a user-friendly tool that brings in various advantages to the user.

What is AWS IoT SiteWise?

It is a tool that makes the collection, storage, aggregation and managing of industry-related data easy. With this, one can take up swift and smarter data-related decisions. This platform comes bearing various features and uses. SNDK Corp is one of the renowned companies that provide next-generation technology solutions. Some of these consistent and multi-purpose solutions revolve around AWS IoT SiteWise.

SNDK Corp identifies and recognizes the utility of this tool that helps in the simplification of multiple processes. Along with this, the platform is not just a secure method but is also a convenient way of retrieving and analyzing data.

What is AWS IoT SiteWise?


Benefits of AWS IoT SiteWise

1: Quick identification of issues:

Assessing the efficiency of industrial equipment at different locations remotely becomes easier with AWS IoT SiteWise. The hassle of using a technician for the same has now been resolved. This makes the entire process quick and systematic. After thoroughly looking into the problem you would require the dispatching of the technician saving a lot of time and effort.

2: Hassle-free data collection:

Gathering and organizing data from different sites to make it accessible and easy to understand comes in handy with AWS IoT Sitewise. You can turn up to one single platform for all your data-related needs. It can easily store and manage all your data for you. SNDK Corp uses this proposition to provide next-generation solutions. Supplemented with the tool, provision of various services is possible including customer relationship management and data storage.

3: Centralizes data sources:

By the means of IoT SiteWise, building industrial processes and facilitating asset data becomes effortless. In addition to the above, launching web applications becomes convenient to give the engineers an opportunity to detect and respond to problems. AWS IoT SiteWise focuses on narrowing down different processes. As a result of the same, it becomes relatively easy to get in line with the output and waste gaps. With all of the above, it helps in keeping record of the activities, enhances processes and minimizes duplication of work.

4: Versatile usage:

AWS IoT SiteWise being a dynamic, user-friendly and helpful tool can be in various industries. This helps in collecting, arranging and using data across industries. From the manufacturing sector to the utility industry, companies rely on IoT on SiteWise for recording and detecting problems. Due to the same, the processes have been simplified and have become unchallenging.

With the above-listed benefits, it certainly becomes clear as to AWS IoT SiteWise results in the saving of not just time and effort but resources too. Visualizing and enhancing the operations via uncomplicated hacks is another unbeatable lead that this programme provides. Decision making and working become quicker and structured too.

Working of AWS IoT SiteWise

Working of AWS IoT SiteWise is straightforward. The process starts from the point where all the data and files are taken in. This is done using the OPC-UA and MQTT protocol. Moving on, it streamlines the process by offering the software that runs on portals. This optimizes the gathering and managing of the data. Through this, all the data is passed on safely to the AWS cloud through on-site data servers.

The following image explains the working of the AWS IoT SiteWise briefly. (AWS)

Working of AWS IoT SiteWise


Volkswagen Uses AWS IoT SiteWise

Irrespective of the industries, many companies are using the AWS IoT SiteWise. Credits to the benefits of the same, companies rely on this tool for uncountable reasons. One of the best examples of the same is that of the leading automobile company, Volkswagen.

With an aim to improve and enhance its manufacturing and logistics processes, Volkswagen turns its back to AWS IoT SiteWise. With minimum efforts, it becomes easy to ingest data to the cloud. Due to the same, it becomes easy to process the data further for other procedures. Above all, the reaching of the data from different locations to one for the purpose of processing makes up for a good deal. The process of data analysis has become smooth and easy that results in saving a lot of resources. (Businesswire)

Volkswagen Uses AWS IoT SiteWise


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With all of the above-mentioned benefits and uses, AWS IoT SiteWise has become the most robust cloud platform in the world. The services offered by the tools can be branched out for computing, artificial intelligence, storage, networking, machine learning, robotics and so on. With regards to the same, various companies count on AWS IoT SiteWise for a lot of reasons. Collect, organize, manage, analyze, repeat is the mantra the tool works on!